Artist Registry

June Newsletter

With the official start of summer, nature is in full bloom, with flowers popping open and vegetables almost ready for harvest. The ArtiFactory is blooming, too, with new programs and exhibits (see below) in addition to several exciting offerings for later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for further notices.

April Newsletter

Art + Science = Fascinating!

Come find out what happens when you merge art and science together! Jason Snell is a nationally recognized multidisciplinary artist with expertise in music, computer programming, artificial intelligence, motion design, and generative art systems.

March Newsletter

We invite you to watch Julia Lohrman Audlehelm create a pen and ink drawing before our very eyes!

Julia is a local artist whose Iowa roots are often found in her intricate work. Clients of note include Senator Tom Harkin, the University of Iowa President’s home and the local Unitarian Universalist Society. Join us on March 21 at 1 PM to learn more about Julia’s story and her creative process.

February Newsletter

Art in the Afternoon is the cure for the winter doldrums!

Join us as local printmaker Amy Dobrian shares her fascinating story. Learn how she develops unique works that combine printmaking with collage and hand work. February 21 at 1 pm via Zoom.

November Newsletter

A few years ago, I traveled to northern New Mexico and visited the stunning canyons at Ghost Ranch. Ghost Ranch was Georgia O’Keefe’s home and where she painted many of the stark landscapes for which she is famous. I later learned that some of her first works were of New York cityscapes, when skyscrapers changed both the skyline and the way people lived in the 1920s. Later in life, her paintings depicting aerial views of clouds and sky were inspired by her airplane travels. O’Keefe was also known for her iconic impressions of flowers.

October Newsletter

It fascinates me how art presents itself when we stay open.

Last week, my wife, Laurie, and I were working our morning crossword, puzzling through a series of clues in the form of quotations. As it turned out, all the clues were from famous artists: Picasso, Gauguin, Dali, and Chagall. Picasso is featured in our film review this month, so it seems appropriate to dig a little deeper into his wisdom.