Bring Home the Bacon

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The Artifactory K

Stop by our booth at the Johnson County Fair on Monday or Tuesday and register to win $85 worth of bacon from Pavelka Meats. Read the interview with Lois Pavelka and Bill Ellison of Pavelka’s Point Meats in the Little Village. Our booth at the Johnson County Fair will be located in the food stand just south of the main office.

Photo of Bill Ellison from the Little Village
“We were country before country was cool, you know?” — Bill Ellison
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Winners of the Arts Fest 2015 Drawing


Arts Iowa City drawing winners, Iowa Arts Festival 2015

Winners of the Arts Iowa City drawing for the fine craft objects displayed at the Iowa Arts Festival 2015, as determined in a drawing held on June 10th, were as follows:

The fused glass plate created by Patty Housby of Des Moines was won by Lauree Christman of Iowa City.
The two ceramic mugs created by Shumpei Yamaki of West Branch were won by Carl Geiken of Iowa City.
The natural dyed silk scarf created by Amy Weber of West Branch was won by Paul DeYoung of Iowa City.
The anodized aluminum pins created by Louise Rauh of Iowa City were won by Andrea Wilson of Iowa City, Jennifer Gersten of Tiffin, and Lucy Laurian of Iowa City.

Thank you for participating in our drawing, and for providing us with your views on what you want to see in a Community  Arts Center in Iowa City.